Alright you nutters,

Long time no Bobby, ya miss me? Course you did!

Finally the summer has arrived. It’s the times where we can sit in a beer garden for much longer than normally acceptable. Women can wear nice dresses and not walk around in sleeping bags. We can get our funky sunglasses out and talk about were we nicked them from or who we borrowed them from. We can go to the odd festival and listen to some decent music without being pissed on by the clouds above, if were lucky.

So I just got the boys a gig at the Isle of Wight Festival, down in the errr Isle of Wight actually. The boys are playing on Saturday 14th, coz Saturday is the best night Рeveryone knows that.

See you down there, I’ll be at the front, sweating, deep breathing, panicking, dancing, loving love. Come join.

BB x