Bear-libers how the devil are youse?

So my old buddy Banksy did a piece on a door in Bristol and the door was later removed, the bloke whos got it wants to sell it. Is this cheeky, or is it fair gain thats the question.

Now if you watch the BBC coverage of the story, CCTV footage shows Banksy had an accomplice with him on the night in question. Now I’m not saying it was me, and I’m not saying it wasn’t me. But when we did the job…. I mean when they did the job Banksy knew what he was doing, he’s clever bloke, I didn’t teach him everything he knows to go around not thinking about what hes doing and the concenquences it might have. He knew he was doing it on a door which could be easily nabbed, so thats whimagesbanksyat he wanted. So fair play to the bloke who’s got it and I’m sure he’ll get a pretty penny or two for it.

We’re currently in talks with Banksy to do the art work for the boys new album and we’re trying to settle on a figure. “¬£1million in cash seems a little steep” I said to him. He also said to “leave the¬†money in a duffle bag in a bin on top of a multi-story car park at sun down.” grow up mate.