leefest2010     Oi Oi My lovely savaloys

I’ve got some pretty BIG news. I’ve only gone at got the boys on a main fucking stage at one of the biggest festivals for unsigned bands – LeeFest http://leefest.org.uk/artists/lazy-talk/ This is what I do, I’m the best little fury manager there is out there, and if you think theres better let me know and I’ll get big Roy from Docklands to iron him out.

Now I’m not really gunna go into to detail about how I pulled it off but lets just say I got a friend, who got a friend, whos got a cousin, whos got a sister, who knows someone, who knows the top dog, I coincidentally know the top dog, so asked him, and the top dog said yes no probs, so it was pretty simple actually.

Anyway it’s gunna be a right little party down there. You can catch me outside the entrance to the festival selling VIP tickets at half the price of the normal tickets. Look – as long as you’re with Bobby Bear you’re gunna get treated like a king, so come down, stick with me and lets party till that sun rises again.

Summer has arrived lets fuckin’ av it!