How are my bunch of Bear-libers (see wot I done there? Kinda like Be-libers but its BEAR-libers coz I’m the top fucking bear around here, yeah you get it? YEAH, I’m the best bear around, you understand me) Whoa sorry I went off on one there.

So apparently AC/DC are splitting up! Why is everyone so shocked/sad/amazed. C’mon they’ve been together for nearly 80 years now, give them a break. There’re probably sick to death of the whole thing – touring, studio, parties, women, studio, parties, touring, women, women, parties, parties, parties, women. I know it all sounds fun but its hard fucking work. I know how they feel, I feel like I’m in a rock and roll documentary sometimes, juggling my time from the cab office, to band rehearsals, to sell out shows at the round house. This shit is crazy. Anyway if they do split don’t worry ya selves theres some new kids on the block and they go by the name of LazyTalk.

Speak soon.