So everyone wants to know wot appened wiv Liam Gallagher after I bumped into to him the other day, but I’ve calmed down now.  It’s a borin story..  but I ‘ll tell you anyway

We were hangin out down the Groucho about 10 years ago, when it was still rock’n’roll.  He starts off snipin over a fiver for the cab, heading back to our gaff for a night cap.  We had a few more drinks, couple of models, a tranny and some furry friends of mine, nothing special. I got on the blower to Sam the Scooter man for a few bits and peices and I don;t remember much after that but the next morning Liam swears I owe him 50 grand.  As if.

So when i bumped into him the other day, he adn’t got over it, brought up straight away cheeky bastard.  I just gave him one of my looks and he waddled off in his shiny anorak.  He knows what these soft bear paws can do.

over an out