Listen up


listen in,

BIEBER I AM NOW A BELIEVER! Well not quite… but I  do believe, me and old Beebs might have one or two things in common these days… We both enjoy fast cars (or fast cabs in my case) we both live in the public eye (i got over 200 twitter followers)  and we both like to PARTY! Who doesn’t like to party?

I know before he was just an annoying twerp from Canada who looked about 9 years old until he was 17, But now he’s proper avin it. I think he may finally be ready to join me for a  proper naughty night out in London. We could hit the Trocadero in Leicester Square and smash the arcade up, pop over to my favourite nightclub ‘Los Locos’ for their happy hour (2 carslberg for the price of 1) and then cruise over waterloo bridge and throw eggs at the tourists!

Give the kid a break and send him over to the Bear…. then we can do some proper Rock n Roll hell-raising like the old days… Im talking smack, orgies, tabletennis and pure uncut Haribo for the kid… we dont wanna him to run before he can walk

Justin if you read this bell my on my private number, what ever you do don’t call the work one, I think it’s being tapped.



P as you can see from this pic he already knows my Uncle Eddie from Toronto