Alright there LazyTalkers,

So I managed to secure the boys a game changer gig down in Devon, easy. I just made a few calls to my west country connections who owed me a favour. I got the van sorted off little Leroy from Shadwell, mint ford splitter van, couple of dents and scratches but apart from that runs a dream.

Went to the cafe of Holloway road for my ritual fry up and paper sesh, with the knowledge that I’d done good for the boys and they were gunna have a blinder. Piers only goes and phones me up giving me some fuckin’ mumbo jumbo about Leroy’s van not working. How dare he, Leroy’s van was in mint condition apart from the odd dents and scratches, but worst of all – I was mid fry up, by thetime I got off the phone from the complaining vocalist my beans were freezing. Liberty.

They got there in the end, wasn’t the crowd were they were expecting but listen; kids are the future right?

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