We are very sad to announce that our good friend and photographer Marc McCartney lost his battle with cancer last weekend. He was 41 and is survived by his daughter Marley, who is 5.


We are playing a memorial gig for Marc at The Monarch in Camden on wednesday January 29th. There is a raffle and auction to raise money for Marc’s funeral costs and all other proceeeds will towards a trust fund for Marc’s daughter Marley.

It is our honour to play this gig for Marc who was a Genuine-full-proof -Top-Fucking-Geezer, the most naturally talented photographer we have ever met and creator of some of the meanest hot sauces this side of Mexico City..

On wednesday we will be celebrating Marc’s life how he would of hoped and how he would have expected by having a few beers, a few whiskeys.. playing our songs as loud as possible and dancing around like tits before taking a walk down Luzaville before bed.

Papa Punk we Salute you x